Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kicking Butts with The Quit Company

Here's a dirty little secret I'm beyond ashamed of - 

I’ve been an on and off smoker for almost 2 decades. I don’t want to be a smoker, but due to various health issues and medications, I felt like I couldn’t function without at least a little nicotine in my system. Knowing full well that smoking is the absolute worst thing I can be doing for my body, I just wasn’t able to kick the nasty habit once and for all. I finally decided to set THE DATE and quit for good. The Quit Company has created an amazing natural, holistic nutrition system and support plan for people to stop smoking - and make the withdrawals more manageable.

Knowing a lot about herbal remedies and nutritional supplements in general made me extremely impressed by the actual ingredients in the Quit Support & Quit Nutrition capsules - and especially the Quit Tea (which tastes great by the way, even without honey). There are several “adaptogen” herbs in these formulas - Holy Basil, Licorice, Eleuthero - they’ve been used for centuries and known to support adrenal function: aka they help your body combat physical stressors, reduce anxiety and fight fatigue for long term energy. (Withdrawal is a pretty big stressor, so I was happy to see all these herbs and can tell that they are helping.) Skullcap and Valerian are both known to have a mild sedative effect that can help ease anxiety, and Oatstraw is a great herb that can help support and soothe nerves/ease withdrawal symptoms. Mullein is known to have really strong healing effects for the lungs and respiratory system.

Bottom line, the herbal formulas are made up of natural ingredients that make it so much easier to quit and not smoke again. Our bodies can start healing within hours of our last cigarette - the key is making sure that it’s the last one. The whole concept of taking the time for SELF-CARE by making and sipping a mug of tea when I have a craving instead of lighting up is great. Other smokers probably agree that they associate smoking with relaxation or taking a break (I worked in the restaurant industry way too long!).

The Quit Tea really has helped replace my smoking habit with a healthy habit and daily routine. The Quit Picks are perfect for my oral fixation issues - I’ve tried some different flavored ones in the past, but these cinnamon flavored toothpicks (basically) taste great and make your mouth feel clean and fresh. Mentally, it’s also another deterrent against nasty smoky mouth/breath. And instead of snacking all day, I don’t load up on extra calories when chewing and sucking on a Quit Pick. There are at least 7 different amino acids in the Quit Support capsules plus all the other necessary daily vitamins and nutrients that have already made me feel more energetic and have less cravings than I’ve had when trying to quit in the past. I’m drinking lots of water, as advised.

Quit Company obviously knows what they’re doing - if you are ready to take the final step to quit for good this kit will make it so much easier to stay focused and determined. I’m 4 days cigarette free and my cravings are still there, but not nearly as bad as the first week of withdrawals in the past. YEAH!!! In it to win it ~ proud to be a quitter :D :D :D

*I received this product highly discounted for my honest and unbiased review.

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